Auction Terms

BUYERS PREMIUM: The successful bidder will pay an additional 6% of the highest acceptable final bid as a buyer’s premium to Countrywide Realty at the time of closing. 


The property will sell in it’s present existing condition with all faults and without warranties provided by the seller or REALTOR/Auctioneer whatsoever. The property will sell for cash. $5,000.00 or 10% of the contract price (whichever is greater) earnest money will be tendered the day of auction with remainder due at the time of closing. The sale is not subject to any inspections or financing that might be required by the high bidder’s lender. This is considered a cash sale and all costs of high bidder’s purchase will be the responsibility of the high bidder and not the seller. Real estate taxes to be prorated to the day of closing. The Seller reserves the right to refuse the last bid. Any closing fee to be paid to closing agent, settlement agent or escrow agent shall be paid by the Buyer. Every bidder is urged to inspect the property submitting a bid on the property.


The property will sell in its present condition “as is” “where is” without warranties, guarantees or inspections provided by the seller or REALTOR/Auctioneer whatsoever. All prospective bidders are urged to inspect the property and have any and all inspections completed (at your expense) prior to auction day. Bidders are urged to review all documents on file with the City, County, State of Kansas, and title reports prior to the day of auction. All information is provided by others and is deemed reliable but not guaranteed by REALTOR/Auctioneer. The high bidder accepts the property in it present condition without any inspections provided by the seller or REALTOR/Auctioneer, such as EPA, lead base paint, surveys, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, (septic where applicable), mold, mildew, moisture damage, termite damage, EIFS, or code enforcement violations of applicable governing body. Bidders who wish to have inspections should have completed any/and all inspections prior to the day of auction. Bidders who wish to have a risk assessment for the presence of lead base paint should have inspection completed 10 day prior to auction on homes built prior to 1978. Purchaser agrees to sign a waiver to conduct a lead base paint inspection at the time of signing the real estate contract. The seller and REALTOR/Auctioneer make no other representation or warranties expressed or implied with respect to the compliance with the accessibility laws or the environmental condition of the premises and the surrounding properties. The property will be sold subject to restrictions, reservations, easements, assessment community contracts and zoning orders. Bidders should satisfy themselves with respect to all issues which you deem material to the transaction.

Statements made the day of the auction take precedent over anything printed or stated prior to auction day. Seller/REALTOR/Auctioneer are not responsible for accidents or thefts.